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DetailsProperty IDGeographic IDOwner NameAddressLegalMarket Value
View PropertyR00002249016580.003.007.00POLLARD TRACY L & TAMARARODEO DR 127 Acres: 5.000, Lot: 7, Blk: 3, Subd: REATA$222,920 
View PropertyR00002248916580.003.006.00POLLARD TRACY L & TAMARA DRODEO DR 139 Acres: 4.000, Subd: REATA, LOT: 6, BLK: 3, ADDN: REATA$20,000 
View PropertyR00002247116580.002.001.00POLLARD TRACY L & TAMARA DRODEO DR 150 Acres: 2.500, Subd: REATA, LOT: 1, BLK: 2, ADDN: REATA$537,810 
View PropertyR00002248716580.003.004.00IKENS TOD J & DANCY DRODEO DR 165 Acres: 2.500, Lot: 4, Blk: 3, Subd: REATA$408,560 
View PropertyR00002248616580.003.003.00BURCHFIELD KENNETH O & BEVERLY ARODEO DR 177 Acres: 2.500, Subd: REATA, LOT: 3, BLK: 3, ADDN: REATA$472,700 
View PropertyR00002245316580.001.003.00JORDAN JOHN J & PATRICIA LRODEO DR 190 Acres: 2.500, Subd: REATA, LOT: 3, BLK: 1, ADDN: REATA$313,310 
View PropertyR00002248416580.003.001.00SUMBERA STELLA DRODEO DR 203 Acres: 9.244, Subd: REATA, LOT: 1 & 2, BLK: 3, ADDN: REATA$593,710 
View PropertyR00002245116580.001.001.00DAHLIN DAVID C& SHERRY LRODEO DR 206 Acres: 6.591, Subd: REATA, LOT: 1 & 2, BLK: 1, ADDN: REATA$690,310 
View PropertyR00002251416580.004.022.00KENNERLY JAMES B & CAROLINE HRODEO DR 215 Acres: 3.429, Lot: 22, Blk: 4, Subd: REATA$324,380 

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